Performance Bonus
Performance Bonus is based on a percentage of an employees basic wage.
Entering bonus
  1. On the "Input Wages" page, enter a percentage in the middle percentage box and the bonus will calculate itself for you.
  2. Bypass rate
  3. We've also made the bonus editable itself in case you need to line up with a previous wage slip, or you need to round numbers.
  4. Bypass rate
Where can you find it?
  1. "Input Wages" Page > Performance Bonus column
  2. Performance Bonus column
If you cannot see the Performance Bonus column
  1. Click the 3 yellow horizontal bars in the top navigation to open the "Company Settings" overlay.
  2. Burger bar location
  3. Under the category "Credit"
  4. Click the "Enable Performance Bonus - Basic Bonus Percent" button to enable Performance Bonus module.
  5. Burger bar location
Where can I see it on "Check Wages" page?
    Burger bar location
How does it look on the Wage Slip?
    Burger bar location
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