Case Study: A Scalable Payroll Solution for Ngwenya Glass by NGW Solutions


Ngwenya Glass, a leading glass manufacturing company, was facing challenges with the manual management of their payroll system, leading to errors and inefficiencies that hindered their operations. To streamline their payroll process, they approached NGW Solutions for a solution.


NGW Solutions developed a comprehensive payroll software to automate the process for Ngwenya Glass. The software was designed to be easily distributable to other companies, providing a scalable solution that is not exclusive to Ngwenya Glass. Our software is built as a single-tenant software as a service (SaaS) platform, making it easy for other companies to access and use.

What Sets Our Software Apart

Our payroll software stands out from the rest for its ability to overcome a common limitation in other payroll software. Most payroll systems are unable to provide an editable snapshot of an entire wage batch due to computing power constraints and the limitation of nested elements in browsers such as Chrome. However, our software is equipped with proprietary algorithms that enable lightning-fast editing of an entire wage batch on a single page, delivering unparalleled efficiency.


The team at NGW Solutions approached the project with the following methodology:

  1. Requirements Gathering: A thorough requirements analysis was conducted in collaboration with the HR, finance, and operations departments of Ngwenya Glass.
  2. Design: A comprehensive design was created for the software, including user interface design, system architecture, and functional requirements.
  3. Development: The software was developed using JavaScript as the primary programming language and a PHP API built with the Laravel framework.
  4. Deployment: The software was deployed and tested in-house to ensure that it met the requirements and expectations of Ngwenya Glass.


The result of our efforts was a streamlined payroll software that reduced errors and improved efficiency for Ngwenya Glass. The software's accessibility as a single-tenant SaaS platform enables other companies to benefit from its capabilities, making it a valuable asset to the industry.


NGW Solutions delivered a comprehensive payroll solution that addressed the needs of Ngwenya Glass and provided them with a more efficient way of managing their payroll process. The software's ability to overcome common limitations and its accessibility as a single-tenant SaaS platform sets it apart from other payroll systems and demonstrates the expertise of the NGW Solutions team.

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