Pay Roll eSwatini

user-friendly, advanced features, compliance with local/govt laws for employee information, taxes, and benefits.

In place diting
In-Place Editing

Edit all of your wage batch information in one convenient location. No need click through endless pages to edit one employee's data. Simply edit everyone on one page, click save, and commit your wages.

Unlimited Companies

With our system, you can easily switch between companies and view historical pay information. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing payrolls of larger companies or for accountants who manage multiple companies.

Unlimited Companies
Account and Roles
Account and Clerk roles

Simplify team collaboration with our convenient role management feature. Accounts have full access to view all employee profiles and can determine which departments Clerks can see when entering wages.

Simple – Fast – Easy

Pay Roll headaches are non existent with our 3 step Pay Roll

Simple 3 Step Payroll

With NGW Solutions, you can effortlessly complete the 3-step pay run process in just a few minutes.

Data Management

Effortless data management for employee records, benefits, allowances, and deductions.

Powerful Reporting

A single interface for all reports including wage slips, PAYE, provident fund, IRP5, and more.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review

Daniel Lee


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5 out of 5 stars

Efficient, user friendly and time saving package.
Monthly data capture takes less that an hour and functional fields is a great feature. Pay slips clear and detailed.

Monthly reports are brilliant and covers ERA and ENPF submissions.

Annual data filing to ERA is a pleasure, quick and easy.

Highly recommended for any size payroll.

Customer Review


Company: Mhlume, Simunye & Mananga Country Clubs

1 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating 4 star rating 5 star rating

5 out of 5 stars

We've been using the Ngwenya Glass Payroll Solutions Software for some time now for our clubs payroll and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Not only is it simple and efficient to use, but their team is always on standby to help with any query or issue encountered and are able to fix it immediately. Could not recommend this payroll software more. Absolutely BRILLIANT.

Customer Review

Michael Takis

Company: Takbro Services T/a Logico Couriers

1 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating 4 star rating 5 star rating

4 out of 5 stars

Very nice and simple payroll to use and always up to date on any changes in Eswatini labour laws and ENPF changes. Still quite new so there are a few features missing from other payrolls but they are always willing to design new features on demand so wont be long until they have all necessary features. Very quick to respond to any errors and resolve them immediately. Very affordable and offer a payment plan if necessary so for smaller businesses this is the ideal payroll system in the market. Well done Guys

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