Adding leave to wages
Bulk Enter Leave, Sick, Maternity, Paternity, Sick Half, Compassionate 1 & Compassionate 2

You can get to the leave module on the "Input Wages" page, just above the main table, you'll see "Isolation Modes" and leave is the last link on the right.

Once on the leave page, you are able to enter any type of leave for all or just one employee. Each employee has their own calendar with tabs for each type of leave.

By default, the Leave tab is open. Available leave types are Compassionate 1, Compassionate 2, Maternity, Paternity, Sick and Sick Half.

  1. Select the wage batch you want to work on
  2. Click "Input Wages"
  3. Click Input Wages
  4. Click the isolation mode for "Leave"
  5. Click the leave button
  6. Now you will see all employees in a list. Each employee has a tabbed calendar for all types of leave. Click the "Sick" tab then click "pick leave dates" to click all dates that apply. Repeat this for all employees you need
  7. Choose your leave dates and types
  8. Once you've entered all sick days click "Save Leave Dates"
  9. The last page is where you can change the amount of hours for each sick day. If it's a full day's sickness you can leave them as is.
  10. Choose amount of hours for each day
  11. Finally click save

Now your current wage contains all leave dates. These dates will be removed from relevant employee leave balances once you commit.

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